Thursday, 7 April 2011

Erin Marxxx Interview

Hey Erin! How are you?
I am doing very good, and staying busy.

You made your porn debut in 2009, after making an amateur porno with your boyfriend at the time. Did you ever think that you'd go on to make a career of it then?
No, I didn’t. We wanted to make cash and have some fun with our life and that video however did open up a gateway for Jimmie and I though. I’m so very happy we made it.

Have you come across that tape then or has it become something of a collector’s item?
Yes, I have, it’s on an amateur website that I can never seem to remember, oh, the good old days of being innocent. Hahaha

Considering you've only been in porn since 2009, you've become a big star in a tiny amount of time. Are you surprised at how quickly you've shot to stardom?
I’m so excited to be in the industry I truly love making fans and pleasing them. I have been laying low for a year and now 2011 will be the biggest year for me. I can’t wait to knock the socks off of my fans when come so hard from my new films. Hehe.

What have been the highlights of your career so far?
I have enjoyed the AVN Awards, the conventions where I get to meet and sign for my fans, and doing the Playboy Radio shows. I really enjoy radio, it’s so much fun

Who have been your favorite guys/girls to do a scene with?
Levi Cash, I have worked with him a few times; Alec Knight, Derrick Pierce all very nice and so much fun to work with. I expect this year to be able to do some more b/g/g and g/g scenes.

What scenes are you proudest of/had the most fun doing?
That would be Brazzers, my W.O.W.  with Levi Cash, it was so fucking funny. I was a computer geek and I had two friends that were geeks and they had a crush on me but I liked the asshole brother of one of my friends. Also Venom Digital, I played Sandra Bullock in the Sandra Buttocks and Jesse Jane’s Scandal with Alec Knight and Angelina Valentine, Danny Mountain and Tori Black.

Before getting into porn, had you your mind set on any other career?
I used to be a massage therapist (YES, I AM SERIOUS AND, NO, I NEVER DID ANY HAPPY ENDINGS!) LOL. I know that’s what your thinking. I wasted my money and time going I hated it when I finished school, worked at it for a year or so then quit.

What kind of hobbies/activities do you have in your spare time?
I love to read science fiction and fantasy, paranormal romance all the guys hate. I also ride motocross and workout at the gym. I just today squated 155 free weights, my pussy is so damn tight from doing those squats :)

What projects are you working on at the moment/have planned for the future?
I’m launching a new website it’s going to be a web cam site that I will be on and you will be able to see a bunch of my friends on there as well doing web shows. And if that doesn’t provide me for a future then I guess I am fucked! LOL No, seriously my next plan is a reality show of my life.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Sexy Irish Chicks

The majority of you, like I, are probably dying with a well earned post Paddy's day hangover. The cure for this...BOOBS! And since its a Paddy's day hangover, we're going to focus on the loveliest breasts from the Emerald Isle!

Georgia Salpa

Glenda Gilson

Rosanna Davidson

Nadine Coyle

Friday, 11 March 2011

Jewels Jade Interview

What's hotter than a sexy brunette?A sexy brunette milf, thats what!And thats's exactly what we've got for you here, the absolutely sensational Jewels Jade...enjoy!

Hi Jewels.How are ya?
Hi, I am great thank you!

So, what projects are you working on at the moment>
I am redoing my websites Jewels ,, and creating another site! I also am working on so my fans can do live shows with me! I film quite a bit for Brazzers, which I enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

You look like you spend alot of time in the gym. Have you always been a fitness enthusiast?
I do spend a lot of time in the gym. I have been exercising since I was 5 years old -tap dancing , 10 years of soccer, track in high school as well as cross-country. I have never not exercised its always been a part of my life. I started weightlifting around 9 years ago, which has taken my body to a new level . Without weights you never get the full benefit or physique you want to achieve.

So how did you get involved in porn?
I got into porn through a friend of mine who had been in a couple of movies years before. She introduced me to a camera guy in San Diego and I did a test run before I was in my first porn Escape To Sex Island, for Puritan Video in 2001.

What's been the highlight of your career so far?
I suppose my highlights have been being Penthouse’s February pet and having the cover this year and making The Hottest MILF In Porn!!!!!!!!!I have gotten to work for all the biggest and best companies this year!

Has it been hard leading a normal, married life considering your line of work?
It has been hard leading a normal married life only because I seem to be the only happily married respectful person in the business. It seems people right away think because I am in this line of work that I am like that in my personal life but it’s quite the opposite. I am not a swinger and a crazy person loaded on drugs -sure there are those in the industry sadly enough, but that’s not me. I don’t use drugs and I work out and take care of my family. I love being married in every way and I wish everyone to find love like I have. I value what’s important which is family not the quest for fame and fortune. I learned that an equal balance in everything is important and if you strive for too much money your family is going to suffer.

What was your favorite scene?
I think one of my favorite scenes is "The Window Washers” by Brazzers. It is a DP scene and it seems the fans really liked it!

Who are your favorite actresses/actors to work with?
My favorite actress to work with is Shay Sights I guess because I like her spirit and she’s a friend. I also like working with Kieran Lee.

Whats it like being seen as a milf?Must be a great confidence booster!
Well I would rather be called a MILF than a Cougar - but yeah I guess it is a confidence booster! Its great to be hot at my age- I will be 40 this year and honestly I think my body is better than most girls in their 20's.

What's your favorite position?
Cowgirl I guess -best way to cum for a woman usually!!!!!!!

True,true. Have you picked up any special sex tricks during your porn career?
Trick? I really don’t show my tricks on camera, there isn't time- I show my husband all my oral skills!

What a lucky man!What would be your ideal porn scene?
The perfect scene would be everyone on time, my co-star actor or actress smelling good and disease free, lots of energy and in and out within 4 hours.

What's your favorite part of your body?
I like my whole body-I like how it’s all in proportion - I don’t have big saggy tits and skinny legs or a big belly etc. I am muscular and in proportion.

What's the best thing a man can do for you in bed?
Be a good listener of my body. If you listen closely you will know how to please me. Don’t be selfish!

Do you enjoy group sex?Whats the most people you've been with in a scene?
I really am not a fan of group sex at all. I just did an orgy scene with 10 girls and I always stay with one person and I notice everyone else kind of does the same thing. Like in real life you find someone you feel safe with. On top of it, to be honest where most porn people are not, I get sick every time! When you sleep with all those people that have been sleeping with tons more people someone always has something! So i don’t think i will be doing those anymore!

What's the naughtiest thing you've done off camera?
What’s naughty anymore for the porn actress? I have fucked my man driving down the freeway-while he was driving! Not very smart but it worked!

That's pretty naughty!So what's next for Jewels Jade?
Well I hope my new website turns out great! In the future my workout website is what I hope takes off!

We're sure it will!Thanks for taking to us Jewels!

Jenna Haze Interview

With most new blogs, the blogger usually bores you with an introduction and a reason for their blog. Not me. Instead of boring you, we're going to jump straight into the action. And what better welcome than to have a chat with the incredible Ms. Jenna Haze. Enjoy and be sure to comment!

Hey Jenna. Its great to get a chance to speak with a legend like yourself!Congrats on all the AVN Awards. That must have been an awesome night for you!
Thank you! It really was incredible! I was just crossing my fingers to take home ONE award. To get FIVE was unreal... Simply wow.

The after party must have been insane!
It was! First I went back to my room to change out of my gown into something a little more party friendly. My friends & I celebrated with 3 bottles of champagne there and then we went to an after party hosted by my good friends Lisa Ann & Inari Vachs. Adrenalynn came with and let’s just say there was a LOT of kissing going on!

Sounds awesome....2 questions in and im already rocking a horn!This interview is going exactly as I imagined it!Anyway, back to the AVN's, which of the awards meant the most to you
Wow you can't really pick ONE that means more because they all hold their own. The 3 Best Release awards are stunning to me. To capture the best in 3 separate categories like that (Young Girl, Girl Girl & All Sex) for my company was more than I could have ever hoped for. I worked really hard on my movies and to see that other people are really into the high quality smut I am making is wonderful. Winning Best Girl/Girl scene with Monique was amazing because she is my ex-girlfriend and because I was nominated for that award previously 7-8 times and had lost it each time. And of course winning the first EVER Fan Voted AVN award for Favorite Performer is just soooo cool!! My fans are the BEST!

You’re nearing ten years in the business. What have been your best and worst moments?
Worst moments would have to be just all the travel crap I have to deal with since I tour so much. Airports and hotels constantly... I honestly average 8-12 airplanes a month & have been doing that for over 8 years now.

Best moments are the amazing orgasms, the conventions and award shows & seeing/making my naughty visions come alive on screen. :-)

Seeing your naughty visions on screen have definitely been my favorite part of your career too!;) Having been in porn for so long, is it safe to say that all of your sexual desire have been fulfilled? Or what else would you like to try?
No. My sexuality is a constantly evolving thing. We will see what the future holds.;-)

Well I for one can't wait to see what it brings for you!Is it hard to lead a normal sex life/relationship away from porn?
Not really. Having sex on film makes my personal sex life so much more intimate and meaningful.

Good answer.You're one of the most loyal performers to her fans and we really love you. Which gives you more of a thrill, performing at a strip club like Risque in front of the fans or on camera?
They both give me satisfaction but I definitely get more of an adrenaline rush when I am on stage. But then again on stage I don't get to cum most of the time and on camera I get to cum as many times as I desire.

Speaking of cumming, have you ever slept with a fan?

Okey dokey.Are men/women in real life intimidated to approach you? I know I would be!
Sometimes. And sometimes fans are really bold!

Haha, I could only imagine what they get up to!Any special plans to mark your 10-year anniversary in porn?
Yes but my lips are sealed.

Well we bet its gonna be something amazing anyway!How have you found being behind the camera? Has it come naturally? What do you find most challenging?
I am really enjoying directing. I find the technical aspects the hardest. I don't know much about camera & editing. The creative side comes way more naturally to me... And of course getting to tell people how you want to see them fuck and live out your dirty fantasies is not a bad perk!

Do you prefer being the person giving the orders or taking them (on and off camera)?
Depends on the situation. I am a woman so I am constantly changing my mind.

Haha, very true!What’s in line next for Jenna Haze?
More movies from Jennaration X Studios! I am almost finished with my all natural big tit movie as well as Just Jenna 2. I am also working on a enhanced breast movie with all my favorite sexy silicone/saline sisters! (It will be the only title from my company that HAS fake boobs in them.) And of course more touring! Jenna will also be getting a redesign and I will be launching at least one other website if not more this year!

Sounds great Jenna. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us!
For all the latest on Jenna and to see some boner inducing pics of her, please check out her official website