Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Saffron Taylor Interview

Saffron Taylor is the reigning queen of latex modelling and has kindly taken the time to let me stare at her in her amazing latex costumes and answer a few questions that I manage to squeak out as I drool over her. Enjoy!

Hey Saffron, could you tell us how you first got into modelling?
In 2007, I great photographer who encouraged me to take some test shots and I was amazed at how the photos turned out! In that same year, I created my first social network account and uploaded a few photos. Within a couple of months I received many requests for paid modelling assignments, interview requests and online features. The look of many famous glamour models were a real inspiration to me, so my initial focus was on glamour modelling along with swimwear and occassional fitness modelling. It was only in 2008 when I shot my first latex shoot that this niche became a phenomenal success with my fans. From then on, after many requests to see me wear latex more often, I decided to pursue this as my main modelling niche.

You say in your bio that you were a "quiet and shy" girl when you were younger. How did you overcome this shyness?
I would say simply growing up, looking back over my achievements and realising how successful I have become since my teenage reservations.

How did you move from fitness modelling to latex modelling?
The day I released my "Passionate Purple Latex" photoshoot back in 2008, I received so many suggestions from fans and website members to do more latex shoots. The more I read these suggestions, the more I realised this was the niche that I was meant to be in.

What is it about Latex that people find so sexy?
I think its the way it clings so tightly to a womans body and the beautiful high shine the really shows off every curve.

What is it about Latex that you find sexy?
I just love the way it feels against my skin. There is no material like it and I love running my hands over my body when wearing it.

As far as I know, you haven't done any sex scenes. Do you have any desire to?
No, there is so much porn out there on the internet and to be within an oversaturated business is not for me. I like the specialism of latex fetish modelling, it keeps me different and unique.

You've been enormously successful in a short space of time. Has it sunk in how famous you've become?
Sometimes no.. then occassionally I come across online impersonators and gossip about me, then realise wow, I must have made an impression on them!

Do fans approach you much or do they find you intimidating?
Yes, fans approach me. I think at first they expect me to be stand-off-ish but soon realise that I am a normal down to earth person who they can have a real conversation with. I am a human being afterall;)

Do you wear latex in your personal sex life?
I may have been known to do that yes;) Although, outside of modelling, you would more often find me wearing something tight and shiny in a nightclub for example.

What projects are you working on at the moment? What are your plans for the future?
I have lots going on at the moment, but all will be revealed on my official website www.saffrontaylor.com or you can catch me tweeting about it on on my Twitter page.