Friday, 11 March 2011

Jenna Haze Interview

With most new blogs, the blogger usually bores you with an introduction and a reason for their blog. Not me. Instead of boring you, we're going to jump straight into the action. And what better welcome than to have a chat with the incredible Ms. Jenna Haze. Enjoy and be sure to comment!

Hey Jenna. Its great to get a chance to speak with a legend like yourself!Congrats on all the AVN Awards. That must have been an awesome night for you!
Thank you! It really was incredible! I was just crossing my fingers to take home ONE award. To get FIVE was unreal... Simply wow.

The after party must have been insane!
It was! First I went back to my room to change out of my gown into something a little more party friendly. My friends & I celebrated with 3 bottles of champagne there and then we went to an after party hosted by my good friends Lisa Ann & Inari Vachs. Adrenalynn came with and let’s just say there was a LOT of kissing going on!

Sounds awesome....2 questions in and im already rocking a horn!This interview is going exactly as I imagined it!Anyway, back to the AVN's, which of the awards meant the most to you
Wow you can't really pick ONE that means more because they all hold their own. The 3 Best Release awards are stunning to me. To capture the best in 3 separate categories like that (Young Girl, Girl Girl & All Sex) for my company was more than I could have ever hoped for. I worked really hard on my movies and to see that other people are really into the high quality smut I am making is wonderful. Winning Best Girl/Girl scene with Monique was amazing because she is my ex-girlfriend and because I was nominated for that award previously 7-8 times and had lost it each time. And of course winning the first EVER Fan Voted AVN award for Favorite Performer is just soooo cool!! My fans are the BEST!

You’re nearing ten years in the business. What have been your best and worst moments?
Worst moments would have to be just all the travel crap I have to deal with since I tour so much. Airports and hotels constantly... I honestly average 8-12 airplanes a month & have been doing that for over 8 years now.

Best moments are the amazing orgasms, the conventions and award shows & seeing/making my naughty visions come alive on screen. :-)

Seeing your naughty visions on screen have definitely been my favorite part of your career too!;) Having been in porn for so long, is it safe to say that all of your sexual desire have been fulfilled? Or what else would you like to try?
No. My sexuality is a constantly evolving thing. We will see what the future holds.;-)

Well I for one can't wait to see what it brings for you!Is it hard to lead a normal sex life/relationship away from porn?
Not really. Having sex on film makes my personal sex life so much more intimate and meaningful.

Good answer.You're one of the most loyal performers to her fans and we really love you. Which gives you more of a thrill, performing at a strip club like Risque in front of the fans or on camera?
They both give me satisfaction but I definitely get more of an adrenaline rush when I am on stage. But then again on stage I don't get to cum most of the time and on camera I get to cum as many times as I desire.

Speaking of cumming, have you ever slept with a fan?

Okey dokey.Are men/women in real life intimidated to approach you? I know I would be!
Sometimes. And sometimes fans are really bold!

Haha, I could only imagine what they get up to!Any special plans to mark your 10-year anniversary in porn?
Yes but my lips are sealed.

Well we bet its gonna be something amazing anyway!How have you found being behind the camera? Has it come naturally? What do you find most challenging?
I am really enjoying directing. I find the technical aspects the hardest. I don't know much about camera & editing. The creative side comes way more naturally to me... And of course getting to tell people how you want to see them fuck and live out your dirty fantasies is not a bad perk!

Do you prefer being the person giving the orders or taking them (on and off camera)?
Depends on the situation. I am a woman so I am constantly changing my mind.

Haha, very true!What’s in line next for Jenna Haze?
More movies from Jennaration X Studios! I am almost finished with my all natural big tit movie as well as Just Jenna 2. I am also working on a enhanced breast movie with all my favorite sexy silicone/saline sisters! (It will be the only title from my company that HAS fake boobs in them.) And of course more touring! Jenna will also be getting a redesign and I will be launching at least one other website if not more this year!

Sounds great Jenna. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us!
For all the latest on Jenna and to see some boner inducing pics of her, please check out her official website


  1. Hell yea! Jenna rocks!
    <3 Jennas biggest Georgia fan!

  2. @Mikaila: We couldn't agree more!whats your favorite Jenna movie?

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